Did Someone Say Book Giveaway?

I Definitely Said Book Giveaway!

Alright, in the spirit of the holidays which are almost completely over (that part doesn’t matter), I’ve been thinking about doing some book giveaways. I will post a book each day for a week and give a deadline (probably a week or two) for comments. Each person who comments on the post will be entered to win the book. Sound good? Free books always sound good.

I will start tomorrow, but in the meantime… Tell me, what genres/authors/period books are your favorite? I have a massive library to choose from here. Help me out!

Book Giveaway Links

Day 1       Day 2      Day 3      Day 4      Day 5      Day 6      Day 7


5 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Book Giveaway?

  1. What a brilliant idea this is! I love some mystery and action books if that would be included, and my all time favourite writer has been Sydney Sheldon plus Jeffery Archer.
    Hope you have a good day!
    Cheers xx

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