My Literary Resolutions for 2015

While I almost never actually go through with resolutions, I think that, writing-wise, I could always benefit from resolving to do better. So all things considered, these are my literary resolutions for 2015.

1. I have a horrible tendency to only write when I have a lot of free time and the conditions are perfect… like when no one is home or everyone’s asleep, I’m in a productive mood, and I have several hours to spare, I will get everything together and sit down to do this super complicated chore.  But in reality, writing isn’t a chore, and it isn’t always complicated.  I want to get better at being able to write in small pieces. Just boot up the computer or get out the notepad and write.

2. Which leads me to number two. I want to TRY to write more by hand. I have carpal tunnel, and while typing is bad for it, handwriting seems worse. By the time I get through one page, my hand is completely numb. However, my Dr told me about some wrist stretches, and I’m going to give them a shot. While handwriting takes longer than typing, I believe it’ll help me be more concise in my writing and to learn that I don’t always have to go back and change that same word or phrase fifteen times to get it just right. Sometimes the first word that comes to mind is best.

What about you? Any New Year Resolutions literary or otherwise?


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