Aaaand I’m Back!

It’s So Good to Be Back!

Where Have I Been?

For those of you who haven’t noticed (probably most of you), I have been blog silent for a little over a week now. I really should have anticipated my absence and set up a few scheduled posts, but oh well.

Anyway, school started back this past week, and I have been absolutely swamped with schedule shifting, frantic book ordering, trying and failing to become accustomed to a new sleep schedule, completely spazzing out and forgetting to do my very first assignment in Advanced Fiction Writing, and pretty much just spending all my off-time completely exhausted mentally and physically.

But the good news is, the beginning of the semester firestorm has calmed, and things are finally settling into a comfy groove, so I am back.

I know this blog hasn’t been up for long, but in my short time as Your Forever Faithful Dysfunctional Writer I have become accustomed to posting daily, reading and replying to other blogs, and just basically participating in the blogging community. Each day I wasn’t able to log on, I felt a pang like something was missing. It’s crazy how quickly we can become attached to things like that.

What’s New?

Aside from the return to my hectic schedule, I seem to have tapped into a new fountain of creativity somehow. Allow me to explain…

There’s this thing I do, and I’m sure it’s something most of us experience. When I’m lying in bed trying to get to sleep, my mind begins to wander and all sorts of random things pop up. I might remember a bill that’s past due that I forgot to pay and all of a sudden I’m freaking out, and it takes forever to calm back down enough to fall asleep… sometimes it’ll be something I need to do that I forgot about or something I wish I’d done differently.

Imagine for a moment… You’re in bed for the night, and as you begin to drift off to sleep slowly and methodically, different parts of your body slip into auto-pilot. The last part to go is usually your brain, and as you’re laying there completely relaxed and on the verge of blissful unconsciousness, your unsupervised mind just starts spastically spitting out random negative thoughts like a pitching machine on overdrive. Suddenly, not only is it impossible to sleep but your entire body tenses up, completely ruining the groovy relaxation thing you had going on. That’s pretty much a normal night for me.

Lately however, rather than the usual stream of anxiety-ridden thoughts, it’s been this insanely creative stuff. Now, of course I’m still missing sleep because I spend half the night hanging off the edge of the bed, frantically typing these ideas into the Google Keep app on my phone, but being productive and sleep deprived is always better than simply being sleep deprived. Right?

I credit my new-found fountain of creativity to two causes:

1. I haven’t been blogging, so my regular flow of creativity is stifled all day while my brain’s busy handling normal operating procedures such as driving, absorbing 100 pages of various literature, throwing together grocery lists, fretting over syllabi, and wondering whether my mascara is smeared or not. Later in the semester when I have three literary analyses, two not-so-short short stories, and 14 poems due all in the same week, it might be a different story. Which is exactly why I’m bottling all this useful crap now in my nifty app… Speaking of innumerable assignments…

2. School is back! If I haven’t mentioned it enough before… I absolutely love being a student. Just being in the classroom and engaging in discussion makes me happier than any other activity… Well, almost any other activity. I mean, it’s seriously too bad a “professional student” isn’t a thing because I would totally be down for that.

So, yeah. I’m back. 🙂

P.S. For those of you who entered my book giveaway and won, I did finally get the books shipped a few days ago. They’re traveling “media mail,” so it might be a little slow going, but they are on their way!

3 thoughts on “Aaaand I’m Back!

    • Me too! It’s been such a back and forth situation. I would finally get a moment of peace, and my mind would shift directly to my blog, and all of a sudden I would be overcome with exhaustion. I think it was my brain saying, “No, not yet. Give it time.” But I am very glad to be back. Thank you. 🙂

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