Help!! Writing Struggles

There’s something I’ve begun to notice during my senior year in college. As an English major, specifically Creative Writing, my focus is on fiction. But…

I never have been, and I’m afraid I never will be a good poet. I was in need of an extra creative writing elective, so I enrolled in Intermediate Poetry Writing. It has been the toughest, most humbling, and frustrating experience I could have imagined.

Here I am, an editor of the University’s annual creative writing publication, and I can’t even write poetry. Luckily I can recognize and appreciate good poetry, but when it comes to creating it, it’s almost as if I’m too literal minded.

Has anyone else had this experience? Conquered it? Still struggle with it? I could use some feedback here. What are some strategies you use to get the juices flowing? How can I get past my overwhelming urge to put prose on paper??


9 thoughts on “Help!! Writing Struggles

  1. I recommend reading Donne, Ben Jonson and Dryden. If you want quick motivation. I recommend the book of Jack London “When Gods laugh”. His book made me write 40 poems. Poetry need music, looking at the world with honest eyes and testing life. The Kosinski and Hemingway lived and learn to create book and thoughts. If I get desperate. Always J.B Harvey, Leonard Cohen and Lana Del Rey. I read and take a word for the poetry I read. They seem to add up to new poems. Good luck and have fun.

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  2. Aidan says:

    We just finished the poetry section of my English course and it was miserable. I like reading poetry, I’m not very good at writing it, and I hate analyzing it. So, I can definitely relate, right now.

    In my experience, just putting things down on paper and seeing what comes of it is the way to go. Get the thoughts down and then see what you can rearrange or reword to make it flow better. You’re an editor–edit! Edit until your eyeballs bleed! (Or, you know, don’t do that because that would be disgusting and awful.)

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