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I am The Dysfunctional Writer

About My Blog

First of all, my blog is about reading and writing. Books, words, language, and anything to do with the written word fascinates me. I believe in the art of language, and as I grow as a writer, this blog is a venue for me to communicate my experiences.

I am a writer dealing with real world problems. Aren’t we all though? My blog is an open book to my life, where I share how I deal with things like time management–between school, marriage, work, and writing. I also share the more personal aspects of my life, like dealing with depression and anxiety.

I use my passion and my craft to deal with a lot of the more tough-to-handle parts of my life–the stresses, the struggles, the ups, and the downs. Since I know I’m not the only person who deals with depression, anxiety, and stress, I hope that I can connect with and possibly even help someone else who is suffering and struggling alongside me.

What Writing is to Me

Writing isn’t a job, and writing isn’t a hobby. Nobody has ever gotten rich and famous by writing. Okay… so maybe that’s not true. Writing is a job for some and a hobby for many. A few have even been fortunate and talented enough to become rich and famous by doing it. But first, writing is a passion.

It isn’t only something you do. It’s also something you feel. When you look at a paragraph, you don’t see a long, drawn-out block of text. You see the words on the paper, how they interact with one another and flow alongside each other. If you’re a writer and a lover of words, you will see all of this before you even process what the words are telling you.

Writers come in many flavors. Some savor selecting sundry synchronized synonyms, and some even like alliteration. Some writers get straight to the point, and some love to gently tuck their messages deep between the soft, velvety petals of a blooming flower, without even disturbing the miniature globes of dew that balance precariously on the petal’s tip.

For me, writing can serve several purposes. Sometimes I write in a simple utilitarian fashion, and sometimes I take a walk in the garden. It really just depends on what’s needed, but no matter what I’m writing for, I always enjoy it. I might dread starting it or have trouble finishing it… actually, I almost always dread starting it and have trouble finishing it, but in the end, I always enjoy it. It’s who I am.

But, Who Am I Really?

I am Brandy. I’m a thirty-something college senior. Yep. Those exist. I am a full-time freelance writer (yes, I am available for hire). I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. I’m a lover of romance, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, suspense, horror, and drama writing.

I was a finalist in a fiction contest this year, I worked as an editor for my university’s annual fiction publication, and I’m an intern for a program at my university that helps incoming freshmen who scored low on their English ACTs.

I’m busy. I’m lazy. I’m ambitious. I’m a procrastinator. I’m a perfectionist… a control freak, a complete sap, a narcissist, an introvert, but most of all, I am me. Welcome to my blog.

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